About RGI


  • I wanted to take time to share with you an update on my daughter Vanya. Sometime in 2014, after my daughter was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major, and I learnt that a HLA matched bone marrow transplant was her only cure, I began my research on IVF. Hard as I had tried, I failed to seek clearance from the ethics committee in Singapore to purse HLA tissue typing. I didn't want to let that setback stop me, and therefore I began my journey to USA to seek out my other options. That was when I came across RGI - a team of dedicated scientists and personnel who gave me the confidence and assurance I needed to believe in the possibility of a HLA matched miracle . With the skills and expertise of your team at RGI and the exceptional care I received at my IVF clinic in NY, I was blessed with a successful pregnancy in my first IVF cycle in early 2015. In October 2015, my son Jovan Tolani, was born at Cornell Hospital in NYC. He was born full term, with a healthy weight of 3.55kgs. God blessed him abundantly with His love and grace and Jovan has been growing healthily. On 18 July 2016, at the age of 9 months - Jovan did what most of us haven't had the privilege of doing all our lives. His bone marrow was harvested and that, along with his cord blood cells, was infused to Vanya. Just moments ago, the transplant attending physician at Memorial Sloan Kettering NYC came in to our room and delivered the news - "Beautiful blood results today. Congratulations, we can now say Vanya has engrafted!" Vanya's lab results had revealed an ANC of greater than 0.5 for three consecutive days and that marks the engraftment of the marrow cells that had been infused during transplant. It has been two weeks since transplant day and Vanya is on track to be discharged from hospital in about ten days. Although this is just the beginning of her journey to complete recovery, it gives us the glimmer of hope that we have been waiting for. Jovan's marrow cells did what it was supposed to do - conquer Thalassemia Major. I still find it hard to believe that Vanya may never have to do a blood transfusion again or go through the daily drill of iron chelation. Her new life is a gift I promise myself never to take for granted ever again. I write to thank you for walking my family through our journey. 2.5 years ago when Vanya was first diagnosed with Thalassemia Major, I thought my world had collapsed. But her condition has given me the ability to love my child unconditionally, strengthened my faith in the God and deepened my appreciation and respect for all the medical caregivers who have touched our lives. Vanya's spirits are high and she has her eyes set on a bright future. I know she will soon be able return to the normal activities kids are meant to enjoy. Thank you for helping me give her life a beautiful second chance.