About RGI

Recognized Leader in PGT From the Very Beginning

Located in Northbrook, IL, Reproductive Genetic Innovations is an internationally recognized industry leader in Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Monogenic/Single Gene Defects (PGT-M) for both single-gene disorders and aneuploidy testing (also known as PGT-A). With 30 years of experience in the field, we have helped to facilitate the birth of over 6,500 healthy babies. Our CAP, CLIA , NY State and MD State Certified laboratory provide high quality, state-of-the-art services for testing on Aneuploidy (an abnormal number of chromosomes in the cells, like Down syndrome) and single-gene disorders (where a certain gene may be the cause of a disease as is the case with Cystic Fibrosis). In addition to our newly built testing laboratory, RGI also has an in-house IVF laboratory where an average of 700 cases are performed annually. Our expert staff of scientists, doctors, and genetic counselors was one of the first in the world to successfully use these PGT-M techniques for families interested in genetic testing on their embryos as a part of the IVF process. The executives at RGI have also published numerous books and scholarly articles on chromosomal abnormalities and stem cell research.

With tens of thousands of cases completed in our history, RGI boasts one of the largest catalogs of testable gene mutations and disorders in the world. RGI's expert researchers have also logged countless hours perfecting various groundbreaking PGT-M techniques. These proprietary techniques are what separates us from our competition, as our customized testing processes are faster and significantly more comprehensive than other, more commercial services. The combination of our techniques and our expertise has also led us to be able to offer PGT testing at a 98% accuracy.

Even with all of those accomplishments and accolades, the best thing about RGI is our people. Reproductive Genetic Innovations was built by some of the leading experts in the industry, with over 100 years of combined experience in reproductive genetics just on our executive board. We have three board-certified genetic counselors, in addition to a growing staff of superb scientists and researchers. We continue to pride ourselves in providing a personal touch in all of our cases, because nothing is more important to us than the health and happiness of our families and their future children.

Polar Body Biopsy Pioneer

RGI pioneered the polar body biopsy, which allows for testing of oocytes (eggs) instead of (or in addition to) testing an embryo. RGI's embryology staff consists of some of the only US embryologists that are trained to perform this delicate technique. Therefore, as a result of our vast experience and highly trained staff, RGI has performed over 4,000 PGT-M procedures for patients around the world.

Our Staff

RGI's clinical staff consists of experienced physicians, nurses, and genetic counselors, who provide exceptional quality care for each and every patient. We recognize the fact that IVF and PGT treatments are extremely stressful and can often be overwhelming and disruptive to people's lives. Therefore, our staff is available for professional counseling about PGT procedures and the interpretation of genetic results, in an effort to make this stressful time a little bit easier.